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Key Things About a Trailer Jockey Wheel Replacement

Trailers are hooked to the towing vehicle to carry loads. They are not powered, so they cannot move on their own without a motorized towing vehicle. At the front part of a trailer, close to the hitch, there is a Jockey Wheel. The wheel plays a very crucial role in helping to stabilize the trailer while maneuvering it into the correct position to attach it to the trailer. Also, the jockey wheel enables moving the trailer around when not connected to the tow vehicle.

Jockey Wheel Replacing 

a trailer jockey wheelTrailer jockey wheels may need replacing from time to time for several reasons. However, one of the most typical reasons for getting a new wheel is the damage of the previous one. The wheels are likely to be damaged due to their location on the trailer, exposing them to possible impacts; for example, they can be bent as the trailer is used.

Unfortunately, if your jockey wheel gets bent, that significantly lowers its weight capacity. In addition, it makes it challenging to retract and elongate it fully. Therefore, you should replace the wheel if it’s bent severely.

So, how do you minimize incidents of your jockey wheel getting bent? First, you need to see that the wheel is retracted entirely, and there is enough gap between the wheel and the ground, all times when the trailer is being towed. Another way to avoid bending or damaging the jockey wheel is not to use a rope tied to a car to tow the trailer shorter distances when you need to move it.

This is because that can put too much pressure on the wheel, more so if the movement is rough terrain. The best approach is to try to use your hands to move the trailer. You may also need to replace the jockey wheel because of rust or wear resulting purely from the trailer and the jockey having been in use for many years.

Considerations When Changing a Jockey Wheel

The Type of Jockey Wheel

There are two main kinds of complete jockey wheels: the smooth outer sleeve jockey and the serrated outer sleeve jockey. The smooth-sleeved one is more common, but you need to check the one you are replacing to buy the same type.

The Jockey Wheel Sleeve Width: 

This is the jockey wheel’s outer sleeve diameter, and you have to take these measurements carefully from the older wheel. You have to use the correct dimensions to ensure the trailer’s strength and perfect fitting into your jockey wheel clamp.

Also, you need to consider the replacement wheel size and type, so you get the correct one. For the wheel types, there are solid tires and pneumatic tires.

moving vehicles

Tips on Moving your Vehicle

Some people prefer moving their vehicle and others prefer hiring moving companies that assist in moving. Generally, the moving process is hectic and requires proper planning. Using car transport interstate you will safely move your car. Here are some tips to help you move your vehicle:

Check with your Insurance Agent

moving carsThe safety of your vehicle is the most important thing when it comes to moving. Check with your insurance agent and inform them about your upcoming move. They will get you prepared for anything including an accident, theft, or damage to your vehicle.

A good insurance agent will advise you to get supplemental insurance for your car to keep it safe during the move. They will tell you if the insurance cover by the moving company is enough or not. An insurance agent will come a day before the moving date and inspect the car.

Arrange a Date for Transportation

You should have a general idea of when you want to move. Picking an exact date is important to be able to plan certain things. An exact timeframe to get the transportation quotes from the moving company. It is also necessary to get the cash if the transport company requires you to pay upfront. Most moving companies are flexible and will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

A general rule is to give the moving company not less than 7 days prior notice. This will give you time to clean the car and empty everything including the miscellaneous. If you are allowed to pack your belonging inside the car, having the exact date will ensure that you organize and pack your belongings.

Empty and Inspect your Car

moving your carEnsure that you remove everything from your car before it is moved to your destination. Most moving companies don’t allow your car to be used as an extra moving box unless you negotiate beforehand. If allowed, only stuff your car with light possessions to avoid being charged extra fees.

You should be there when your car is being delivered since a lot can happen in transit. Inspect the car when it is unloaded from top to bottom making sure there were no damages during the move. Sign the copy of the transport contract when you are satisfied with the status of your vehicle.

Find a Good Car Moving Company

There are many car moving companies in the market and it never hurts to compare the competition. Once you have picked a moving date, research online for reputable car transport companies around your area. Make as many phone calls as you can asking for all details including insurance options. Do not forget to ask for accurate quotes and clarification where necessary.

Ask your friends, colleagues, and family how they shipped their cars and the transport company they used to get a reference. Check online reviews and recommendations to help you make an informed decision. Some car moving companies will require you to pay upfront, decide if you can trust them enough to pay first.…


How API Information Can Help the Automobile Industry

Application Programming Interface or API is an effective tool that helps businesses grow to new heights and if you’re Looking for a scheduling API that synchs with iCal. Like Google calendar, then you’ve stumbled to the right article. API can help simplify your day-to-day operations at your company because they help sort things out for you like; for example, you and your co-workers want to set up a meeting but finding trouble scheduling it, you can easily track each other’s schedule and figure out the appropriate juncture to have the said meeting. With that as the premise, let’s check out how API information can help the automobile industry:

It Can Send Information for GPS Tracking


A car with GPS and mapping technology is highly coveted in this modern age because of its versatility and usefulness. Since API receives information from the integrated car assistance service, they use that information to update your vehicle’s GPS system to keep you on track with where you currently are, your destination, and the estimated time it will take to reach the destination. Having API for your vehicle helps your GPS to give you all this beneficial information to make the fastest drive and nearest routes to help you reach your destination safely and faster.

GPS Tracking Can Keep You Safe

We already covered how API works to supply the GPS system with the necessary information to keep you safe during your drive to your destination, like the nearest routes to take if there’s a roadblock ahead, police spotted, etc. We want to highlight how the information provided by API can keep you safe in case of an emergency. 

Missing Vehicle

Vehicles being lost in the woods or other dangerous areas are not uncommon, and it would be hard to locate them if they don’t have an API-supported GPS tracking system. It doesn’t have to be a lost case; it could also be if your vehicle went missing. By having the aforementioned technology integrated into your vehicle, the officials could immediately locate you and conduct rescue operations immediately should you and your vehicle go missing. 

It Can Collect Trip Data and Status

Statistics in the automobile business is an imperative factor that helps the business grow exponentially. By having the necessary information gathered, the business can utilize the collected information to improve and get better results like for example, collecting the statistics of all the trips that the vehicle makes.

By doing so, the automobile company understands its product’s capabilities and performance. They can gauge how well the vehicle can perform on different terrains and under various circumstances like heavy snow or rain. This information is crucial in determining its abilities and market price, so API is considered an essential tool for the automobile industry.

motorcycle lift

Things to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Lift Table

If you own a motorcycle you know how important it is to maintain it properly. Therefore, you should take your motorcycle to the garage for repair, cleaning, and basic maintenance. However, you can avoid costly trips to the garage and do repairs from your home. In this case, you need the best motorcycle lift table to help you troubleshoot simple problems. These are the important things to consider when choosing a motorcycle lift table.

Type of Motorcycle Lift Table

bike liftYou should note that there are different motorcycle lift tables on the market. The common type is the airlift table. This is used to raise your motorcycle effortless with the use of foot-operated controls. The good thing about this table is that you can lock your motorcycle into the position you want. Another type is Hi-Lift. This is designed to lift your motorcycle higher and ensure the entire weight is well-balanced. It has a safety lock to protect the bike from unnecessary theft or movement. Other than being easy to use, you will also find it easy to store. This is because of the compact size.

There are also other types of motorcycle lift tables, such as hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, floor jacks, and mechanical lifts. Remember that each type has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Weight Capacity

When searching for a motorcycle lift table, there is a need to pay attention to its weight lifting capacity. In this way, you can determine the maximum weight it can withstand. It is advisable to get a table that can hold more than the weight of your bike.


Another vital thing to consider is where your bike is placed. You need a lift table that can offer adequate stability. It needs to be stable and powerful. In this way, you can be assured that your motorcycle modifications without issues. If your bike is likely to trip or move, doing a maintenance job will become difficult.


motorcycle lift tableThe cost of the lift table is a critical factor. It does not matter whether you are on a tight budget, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Moreover, you want to ensure you have the right tools and accessories required for motorcycle maintenance. Therefore, you should first understand your maintenance needs and then look for the right motorcycle lift table. Since the lift table is expensive, you want to ensure your bike can last longer.…

Important Traits to Look for in a Car Repair Shop

Whether your car just had a breakdown along the highway, or you were involved in a collision accident, you may have no other recourse but to look for someone to do the repair. For other car owners, even a simple dent caused by a bicycle-practicing youngster may call for a shop repair.

Here are some of the most important traits that you should look for to know the right car repair shop.


Always look for a car repair shop that has the necessary local permit. A license means that a business entity follows the rules and regulations of the state. Check other certifications, also like the Better Business Bureau, where businesses are graded for their trustworthiness.

The individual technicians of the car repair shop should also be certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. An ASE certification is crucial because it means that the skills of the technicians have passed several tests.

24/7 Operations

A repair shop should know that accidents can happen anytime. They should accept repairs any time during the day and night, seven days a week. This means that they should entertain your call in the middle of the night when you need help. And help should always be fast. It may not be easy to find a car repair shop that does all this, but there are.


There are always bad eggs in a tray. There are many repair shops out there that are dishonest and fraudulent. They will not tell you exactly the damage and let you pay for services they did not do. But there are also those who do their job properly, charging the right fees, and even doing extra services that they don’t charge. But how will you know? You ask past clients or observe. You will know better the next time when you will have to let your car repaired again or seek other services, like car modification.

Owned and Managed by Local Entrepreneurs

Car repair shops may abound in your place. Others may be branches of some renowned repair shops with many branches nationwide. But why should you go for locally-owned car repair shops? Any local business will surely be trying hard to build its brand. They will work hard to satisfy their clients who may generally come from the locality they are situated in. Building a relationship with a local car repair shop will surely work to your advantage when you need a repair on your car again.

At the occurrence of a car accident or a breakdown, the first thing that comes to our mind must be is to call the nearest car repair shop. But if you know of a car repair shop with the above traits, will you still take the risk of reaching another?…

car parts purchase

A Guide to Purchasing Auto Parts Online

A car is an essential asset that should be taken care of in the best way possible for extended service. Maintaining a vehicle is one of the greatest challenges you are likely to encounter when you decide to own one. You should, therefore, be prepared for the maintenance costs that come with car ownership. The average lifespan of most modern vehicles is about eight years, with a mileage of approximately 150,000 miles or 250,000 kilometers.

auto parts

Your vehicle can serve you longer than that if you observe the right maintenance procedures. There are several instances you may be required to buy auto parts to replace some that are completely worn out or dysfunctional. You should look for the best shop to buy them. Automotive Stuff is one platform where you can get the best auto parts. Before buying them, it is important to confirm their quality.

There are so many low-quality auto parts in the market that will not offer the service you need. They tend to wear out fast and can subject you to several dangers. You also need to buy reputable brands of auto parts to get something that will offer extended service. Purchasing auto parts has been made easier because you can now find different online shops that sell them. Here is how you should go about buying these parts online.

Read Description

It is one rule you should follow when buying auto parts or any other item online. Going through the description section will help you get all the details you need about the car part you are purchasing. This reduces the chances of buying a low-quality part or something that is not meant for your car model.

Read Reviews

Most online shops have a review section where different people who have managed to buy their products share comments about the specific product or their quality. They will also share their experience buying from the said shop. You should read such reviews carefully to know more about the car part you want to purchase. Doing so also helps you understand the quality of service offered in a specific online car parts shop.

Customer Service

vehicle partsYou should look for an online car parts shop that offers the best customer service. They should have an open line where you will get assistance in purchasing a specific product. Some online stores also offer free delivery services to those within a particular region. These are factors you should look into to get the best service.…

gmc vehicle

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Dealership

Purchasing a new truck, SUV or car can be quite tricky. It does not matter whether you have done a lot of research. You should choose a manufacturer and settle on a model or two. Picking and finding the right auto dealer means more than just searching the best Buick and GMC dealers Chicago online and hoping to find the best. Although that is the place you should start, you are likely to get a lot of results that can add only the confusion. These are some of the tips you should follow.

Look at the Phone Numbers

Although it seems to be obvious, it is more than finding out when to call them. If it is hard to find anything more about the company other than the address, then that is a red flag. Although you can get a dealership once, get the vehicle, and go your way, there is a chance that you will contact them in the future. Therefore, you need to ensure you know how to reach them if you have issues or questions after purchase.

Look at the Location

Also, this seems a bit obvious, but it is more than how you access the dealership physically. For instance, you may opt to choose an out-of-the-state dealership that is likely to save you a lot of money. Although saving money is a good thing, you should take into account long-term inconveniences. For instance, you should select a financing system that allows you to make payments directly to the dealership.

Consider Your Financing Options

There is a need to know how to pay for the vehicle. It does not matter whether you need traditional financing through a lender or bank or whether you require low-credit financing. When you look at the dealership website, you can have an idea of the nature of financing they provide and banks they work with. You do not want to find a dealership, look at their inventory, find the car you need, and only to find out that they do not work out financing from that particular lender.

Check Out the Inventory

You can look at different items, choose your model, and research online with everything concerning your life. Why not do the same for your new vehicle. An excellent dealership will have a lot of information regarding the various models they have in stock. In that way, you can peruse their inventory from the comfort of your home. Remember that inventory changes, and you may need to call the dealership to confirm the same.…

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Advantages of Buying New Tires

Proper maintenance of a car will exceed its lifespan. Besides, it will end up saving you a lot of money on repair costs. One of the best ways of extending the longevity of the car is to ensure that the tires are always in good condition. Tires play a significant role when talking about a well-running vehicle. Therefore, it is wise to replace the tires if they’re already worn out as good tires will provide added safety.

However, many individuals are always reluctant to purchase new tires because they want to save money. What they fail to realize is that the cost of a tire is very minimal when one compares it with its many benefits. Below is a list of the benefits of purchasing new tires.

off road vehicleEnsuring Safety

When owning a car, you will often be going for various road trips with loved ones and friends. Regardless of the tire quality and the road conditions, new tires will be keeping you and passengers safe while driving for long miles. When you buy new tires and take good care of them, they will serve you for a long time.

Giving Better Traction

New tires are the best in case of stopping, going, and turning the vehicle. They have the best tread patterns and are useful in making a better grip on the road surface. As a result, a new set of tires will save you from skids and slides, even in the presence of water, mud, or dirt.

Provision of Better Gas Mileage

Old tires are containing uneven tread patterns. As a result, the driver will be required to put in more effort to succeed in turning off the car. In the long run, it will affect gas mileage. Replacing tires with new ones will help in reducing fuel usage. For purposes of excellent fuel efficiency and prevention of premature tear and wear, request mechanics to inflate, balance, align and mount the wheels correctly.

Delivering of Better Performance on Roads

Worn out tires do not have treads that are left on them. Therefore, you will be required to be working harder as the car will be requiring pushing more power for braking. Also, the vehicle will be taking a lot of time before coming to a stop in case of an emergency. Overall, the car may end up leading to accidents. Therefore, consider purchasing new tires as you will end up getting more excellent performance from your vehicle.

off road

You now have the various advantages of the purchase of new tires. Therefore, make an initiative today of going to the market to buy a new tire. The new tire will be of excellent good to you as a result of its exceptional services.…

baby car seat

What to Look for When Purchasing a Car Seat for Your Baby

Infant car seats have proved to be very beneficial to both parents and babies during long trips. This is a type of seat that is designed to accommodate young babies in a car. Making them use the usual car seat might be very risky and uncomfortable for them. Getting the right type for your young one guarantees them the best experience when you are driving around. Different review sites have listed top rated car seats for babies which you should buy.

One of the reasons why you should have an infant car seat is because it helps to minimize the distractions that come about when driving with your toddler. There are times you might only be you and your toddler in the vehicle. Getting behind the wheel while carrying them is very difficult. Placing them on the passenger seat is also a little bit risky.

You can keep them in an infant seat where they will bebaby car seat comfortable and make minimal movements. This type of car seat has all safety features that reduce the chances of your young one getting injured in case of an accident. They have safety belts and also designed in a manner which the head of your baby will be free from injuries in case of a crash. You should look for the right type of seat to ensure your toddler is always comfortable and safe. Here is what you should consider when buying one.


Infant car seats usually come in different sizes. You will find some that are bigger and others small. Getting the right size for your baby guarantees them the much-needed comfort and safety. The age of your young one can guide you in purchasing the right type of car seat. You will find sizes meant for kids in a specific age bracket.

Safety Features

You also need to look at the safety features included in the infant car seat you want to purchase. They should have comfortable safety belts to ensure your kid is in the right position when travelling. It should also have the right materials and features that protect your toddler from head and neck injuries.

Easy to Clean

Infant car seats should be cleaned regularly to provide the right conditions for your baby to rest during their trip. You should look for one that will give you a smooth time when cleaning. Their design and materials used in making them can help you know this.…

auto modification

The Significance of Vehicle Modification

Having a car grants you one of the best experiences. There is a wide range of things you can do with them. Carrying out your daily tasks will be quite easy because a vehicle simplifies your movements. You can also travel to different parts of your region with no inconveniences. Maintaining your car and ensuring it is in the right state always is one thing that keeps it running for long. There are different practices you can carry out to keep your car in good shape.

You should look for the best repair experts that will help you with this. Inspecting your engine is one vital car maintenance practice. You are able to detect faults and prevent your engine from damage. The engine is like the heart of your car. If it gets damaged, then you are left with nothing. Always take good care of it to stay free from different types of damage. You should also carry out a regular oil change.

Oil is vital for the functioning of your engine as itauto modification helps to facilitate movement and reduce friction. At times, your oil may become infiltrated, and this will lead to damage. You should change it to avoid such. Vehicle modification is another essential practice. It involves improving parts such as the body, engine, and wheels to give them a custom look. This practice benefits your vehicle in several ways, which include:

Extra Protection

One of the benefits of vehicle modification is that it offers that additional protection. There are several features or things you usually add that will prevent your vehicle from getting damaged or reduce the impact during a crash. You also get that extra stability that lowers the chances of your car rolling or crashing.

Improved Performance

This can be witnessed when you make improvements to certain parts of your car. You can customize your engine to give it that extra boost that will make it fast. Most people usually add a turbo-charged engine to boost speed. Carrying out different modification practices makes your car more powerful.

Improved Appearance

It is something most people usually value in a car. Youcar improvement can give it the kind of appearance you need when you carry out several modification practices. One of the parts most people usually focus on is the body. You can carry out a whole makeover to give your car a sporty look. These practices are essential for your vehicle.…